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34% Of Smart Speaker Owners Want to Contact Customer Service Departments by Voice - Voicebot.ai & Voicify
45% Of Millennials Use Voice Assistants While Shopping - CouponFollow
24% of marketers have already launched a voice app such as an Alexa skill or Google Action. Another 6% of marketers expect to introduce a voice app this year, followed by 4% more next year bringing the total to 34% by the end of 2020 - Voicebot.ai
Apple’s launch of SiriOS in 2020 will unleash huge innovation in the voice economy, which will be worth $1 trillion by 2025.
8% of online adults have used voice search and 33% were using it monthly in early 2019, up from just over 25% monthly reported use in September 2018. - Voicebot.ai
24% of U.S. consumers are using voice search for product and brand-related queries. -Voicebot.ai
862 million hours saved for financial institutions by chatbot interactions by 2023 -Juniper Research
41% of Consumers would prefer a voice assistant over a website or an app because it helps them automate their routine shopping tasks -CapGemini
The number of smart speakers in US households grew by 78% in 2018 - Music Business Worldwide
About One-third of Smart Speaker Owners Want to Contact Customer Service Departments - Voicfiy
47.2% of voice search users said they expect to increase their voice search frequency in 2019 -Voicebot.ai
For smart speaker owners, nearly 89% are saying they use voice search and over 61% saying they intend to increase usage this year. -Voicebot.ai
The worldwide market for wearable devices, now inclusive of wireless headphones with smart assistants, is forecast to grow 15.3% over the previous year to 198.5 million units by the end of 2019 - IDC

What is the CU Voice Registry?

The CU Voice Registry was created as a collaborative effort to help the credit union industry manage and navigate the complexities of new digital voice channels as they emerge. By adding your credit union’s name to the registry, you are not only safeguarding your identity, but are also helping the credit union industry as a whole to avoid possible name collisions and confusion for members.

For less than $1000/YearJoin The Registry

What's included?

The price for small to medium-sized credit unions is $1,000 per year, while larger credit unions will pay $1,500 per year. Multi year discounts are available.
Your Name

Select a single consistent name for both platforms by registering early.

Amazon Alexa

Allow your members to connect to you with their Amazon Alexa device.

Google Home

Allow your members to connect to you with their Google Home device.


Free customizable platform for delivering non-transactional content to your members.

How to Choose the Perfect Name

Both Amazon and Google voice applications require a unique invocation name. This invocation name is how users initiate the app on their devices. Names are unique, so once a name is approved no other entity can register the same name for the platform (Amazon or Google).

Names must meet the following requirements:

The skill invocation name must not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of an entity or person. Use your own trademarked or registered name.

One-word names are not allowed, unless the name is unique to your brand or trademark within the target country. Compound words broken into multiple words will not circumvent this requirement, for example key board counts as one word.

Two-word names are not allowed if one of the words is a connecting or a definite article (the), indefinite article (a or an), pronoun (like my), or preposition (for, to, or of). For example, your name should not be a bicycle, an espresso, to amuse or for fun. Connecting word examples include "to", "from", "by", "if", "and", "whether".

Names of people or places are not allowed unless they also contain other words (for example, Bill's horoscope or New York tourism) or you are a government agency of that location (for example, the City of New York can register the name New York City).

Some words and phrases are reserved and cannot be used in names, including ok, Google, Amazon, Alexa, Echo, launch, ask, tell, load, begin, enable, exit quit, volume up, game, action, assistant, skill, app, begin, and enable. Connecting word that are not allowed include: to, from, by, if, and, whether.

The invocation name must contain only lower-case alphabetic characters, spaces between words, possessive apostrophes (for example, "sam's science trivia"), or periods used in abbreviations (for example, "a. b. c."). Other characters, like numbers, must be spelled out. For example, 21 would be spelled as "twenty one". The name must be easy to pronounce correctly and be phonetically distinct to avoid being misinterpreted as other similar sounding words. For acronyms, the invocation name must contain single letters, each followed by a period and a space. For example, a skill titled "AWS Facts" would need "AWS" represented as "a. w. s. " and NOT "ay double u ess."

A name uniquely identifies your voice command, so it must distinguish itself from other commands and from device features. We don’t allow names that are:

  • Common phrases (thank you, how are you, good morning).
  • Confusingly similar with device features, especially with home automation, device control, and media playback commands.
  • Potentially confuses users into thinking they are interacting with Google or Amazon or that they are promoting, endorsing, or sponsoring content.
  • Generic, including words or phrases that are categories of products, services, or content.
How to choose a name.

Communicate with Your Visually Impaired Members

There are nearly 10,000,000 visually impaired Americans and roughly 1.5 million users of assistive technologies, such as screen readers, which allow the visually impaired to access websites and communicate over the internet. You’ve worked hard to make all of your home banking channels ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Your voice channel is a great way to offer your visually impaired members an alternative way of communicating with you and demonstrates that you are making progress toward full ADA compliance.

What is FIVE Lite?

FIVE Lite provides general information about a credit union, but does not authenticate the member’s account. The credit union customizes the information the device provides to users. This typically includes standard topics like hours, phone number, routing number and address. BIG also provides the ability for the credit union to create their own questions and answers.

FIVE isn’t device specific. It’s an extensible platform that enables a credit union to leverage the expanding number of voice services and devices that are becoming increasingly popular among credit union members. The FIVE Platform provides uniformity between the Amazon Alexa Skill and the Action for Google Home, with all data stored and managed in a central location.

The FIVE Platform supports a credit union’s brand with dozens of configurations and custom interactions. As new voice features are developed, new conversations are readily accessible on the platform.

Fresh content is key to keeping members interested in a voice application. FIVE delivers engaging information to promote member interaction. The platform provides a web-based administrative portal where organizations can publish and update their information, events and educational content on a regular basis.

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How the CU Voice Registry Works

Step 1

Step 1: Select Name

Create a CU Voice Registry account and select the perfect name for the Amazon and Google platforms.

Step 2

Step 2: Configure

Our FIVE Lite Configuration Wizard provides an easy way to configure your voice experience settings and submit your credit union information.

Step 3

Step 3: Connect

Our Fast Pass Certification Process will certify and publish your voice applications by connecting Amazon and Google to your FIVE Lite Profile.

Step 4

Step 4: Marketing

Begin engaging with your members and encouraging them to use the newly installed voice applications.

The History of Voice

The use of voice for search, commerce and device control has exploded in the last three years. Global sales of voice-first speakers and smart home hubs, combined with the voice-enablement of cars and appliances, means that hundreds of millions of voice-controlled devices are now in the hands of consumers around the world. Voice has come a long way since IBM first introduced its speech recognition tool back in the late 60s.

Frequently Asked Questions

After registering and configuring your FIVE Lite platform profile, your invocation name will be certified and published to both Amazon and Google. Your members will be able to get important credit union information from you with their Amazon and Google voice devices.

Our Fast Pass Certification Process allows you to deploy your application in days, not months. After completing your FIVE Lite platform profile, it typically takes 2 business days to publish and submit your voice application for certification with Amazon and Google. The certification process time can vary depending on the vendor's review process. If there are any issues with certification a support team member will contact you. It's that simple.

While Amazon does allow duplicate skill names, Google does not. As a result it is important to register your name with Google as soon as possible in order to use the same name for both voice applications. The CU Voice Registry will register and deploy voice applications with the same name on both platforms at one time, making it easier than ever to claim your stake in the new digital world. Much like the race for domains in the early 2000’s, when a name is taken, it's gone forever. Don't settle for a less than ideal substitute name. Get your credit union's name and guarantee a spot for your voice application now.

Once you have registered and provided payment, you will gain access to the FIVE Lite Configuration Wizard. The wizard collects all the information needed to apply to both Google and Amazon's library of usable voice-driven device applications. FIVE Lite will automatically submit your applications for certification and publication. Once this has been accomplished, your members will be able install your voice application on their devices.

There are quite a few considerations when selecting a name. Be sure to consult the "dos & don'ts" on this page. They will help you to select the best name and prevent certification rejection. Once you have selected the perfect name, go to our registration page. The registration page will check to see if your name has already been selected by another credit union. After registration is complete it is important to complete the configuration wizard as soon as possible, as your name is not secure until the certification and publication process has been completed.

No. The entirety of the FIVE Lite Platform is hosted by BIG and is included in the overall price for registration.

Yes. FIVE Lite is an integral part of securing your name since Amazon and Google both require a working certified and published application.

You cannot change the invocation name after a skill is certified and published.

BIG has put hundreds of thousands of dollars into building the only all-in-one solution for financial voice deployment. Our established relationships with Amazon and Google have significantly cut down on delays caused by verification and other hurdles that come with voice development. Though Amazon Alexa and Google Home development is open to all, connecting these platforms to existing financial services is our specialty. We cannot deny that anyone could develop a product for their own financial institution, but no one can do it as fast or as reliably as we can.

BIG's FIVE Lite platform must provide the appropriate resources to handle the volume of your members' requests. Simply put, the more members you have using the product, the more traffic our hosting service must accommodate. We have reconciled this by offering two different price points based on the asset size of the credit union itself. The price for small to medium size credit unions is $1,000/year while larger credit unions will pay $1,500/year. Multi year discounts are available.